Native Video Ad

Creative Type

A promoted video within one of the six IAB native core ads (i.e., in-feed unit, paid search unit, recommendation widget, promoted listing, in-ad (IAB standard) with native elements, or custom/can’t be contained). The video includes a headline, description and context for the ad.


To get more information about the creative type please visit the website of the IAB and check the glossary.


The Native Video Ad Player is positioned between the content elements of the publisher website using a dedicated element on the page.
The player is always visible and behaves like a custom video player. The Player is surrounded by a headline and descriptive text.

The player could be sized using absolute dimensions or responsive, fitting seamlessly into the page. In case different quality levels and sizes of the video ad stream are available, the best fitting stream is chosen by the player providing the best ad impression to the viewer.

All actions, as well as all VAST tracking codes are logged to the corresponding servers for detailed measurement, providing valuable statistics for the advertiser.

Integration into Publisher site

This is as simple as dropping a few lines of code.
Either placing the snippet in the template of your page, which will initialize the ad framework on all pages. Or placing the snippet on individual pages, getting more control where the player is activated.

The script is always loaded asynchronously over a secure connection, not blocking any request or action on the publisher website. Also all actions to the player using javascript calls are recorded, as long as the player framework is not available, so nothing is lost even if the script is loaded in the footer of the page.

 (function () {
 window['gtv'] = window['gtv'] || function () {
 (window['gtv'].actions = window['gtv'].actions || []).push(arguments)
 var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
 var playerScript = document.createElement('script');
 playerScript.async = 1;
 playerScript.src = '';
 firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(playerScript, firstScriptTag);
 gtv('player', 'whatmore', 'AJGXVRBEE7'); 

Javascript API

You could also initialize the player with javascript.
This will enable Ajax based modern Web Apps to also show impressions.

 gtv('player', 'whatmore', 'AJGXVRBEE7');

Matzes Cloud

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