Interstitial Video

Creative Type

Video ads that appear between two content pages. Also known as Transition ads, Intermercial ads, and Splash Pages. Other terms such as In-page and incentivized videos appear in the context of mobile interstitials or ads that have 100% share of voice/screen.


To get more information about the creative type please visit the website of the IAB and check the glossary.


The Interstitial Player is positioned on top of the page, either in the center or beneath one of the borders.
In general it is displayed before new content is shown. The player could use a glasspane to avoid interaction of the user with the page content during ad display.

All actions, as well as all VAST tracking codes are logged to the corresponding servers for detailed measurement, providing valuable statistics for the advertiser.

Integration into Publisher site

This is as simple as dropping a few lines of code.
Either placing the snippet in the template of your page, which will initialize the ad framework on all pages. Or placing the snippet on individual pages, getting more control where the player is activated.

The script is always loaded asynchronously over a secure connection, not blocking any request or action on the publisher website. Also all actions to the player using javascript calls are recorded, as long as the player framework is not available, so nothing is lost even if the script is loaded in the footer of the page.

  (function () {
    window['gtv'] = window['gtv'] || function () {
        (window['gtv'].actions = window['gtv'].actions || []).push(arguments)
  var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
  var playerScript = document.createElement('script');
  playerScript.async = 1;
  playerScript.src = '';
  firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(playerScript, firstScriptTag);
  gtv('player', 'whatmore', '569F2B7A67'); 

Javascript API

You could also start the player with javascript.
This will enable Ajax based modern Web Apps to also show impressions.

 gtv('player', 'whatmore', 'UTQ25SEMBE');

This will instantiate a player which is automatic inserted into the page.


The interstitial player could be used as a lightbox, using a glasspane to show the ad more prominent and to avoid user interaction with the page during ad display.

This is also known as incentiviced ads, to get an ad impression before the user is allowed to consume the content.


This player could be positioned either centered or attached to all borders.


If the player is centered without a glasspane and reduced in the height. It is displayed like a banderole.