In-Article Video

Creative Type

A video ad that loads and plays dynamically between paragraphs of editorial content, existing as a standalone branded message.


To get more information about the creative type please visit the website of the IAB and check the glossary.


The In-Article Player is positioned between the content elements of the publisher website. Either by automatic insertion using a percentage distance to the fold of the page or static using a dedicated element on the page.

The player could be sized using absolute dimensions or responsive, fitting seamlessly into the page. In case different quality levels and sizes of the video ad stream are available, the best fitting stream is chosen by the player providing the best ad impression to the viewer.

The player keeps invisible as long as there is no ad to display or the player is in the invisible area of the page. As soon as the player is scrolled to the visible area, the player slides out and starts playing the ad. If the player gets invisible again, the player pauses or is animated to an alway on top position.

All actions, as well as all VAST tracking codes are logged to the corresponding servers for detailed measurement, providing valuable statistics for the advertiser.

Integration into Publisher site

This is as simple as dropping a few lines of code.
Either placing the snippet in the template of your page, which will initialize the ad framework on all pages. Or placing the snippet on individual pages, getting more control where the player is activated.

The script is always loaded asynchronously over a secure connection, not blocking any request or action on the publisher website. Also all actions to the player using javascript calls are recorded, as long as the player framework is not available, so nothing is lost even if the script is loaded in the footer of the page.

  (function () {
    window['gtv'] = window['gtv'] || function () {
        (window['gtv'].actions = window['gtv'].actions || []).push(arguments)
  var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
  var playerScript = document.createElement('script');
  playerScript.async = 1;
  playerScript.src = '';
  firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(playerScript, firstScriptTag);
  gtv('player', 'whatmore', '569F2B7A67'); 

Javascript API

You could also start the player with javascript.
This will enable Ajax based modern Web Apps to also show impressions.

 gtv('player', 'whatmore', '569F2B7A67');

This will instantiate a player which is automatic inserted into the page. The position will be calculated in a dynamic, responsive manner searching for a position between the content elements with around 50% distance from the top.


Either the player is sized using absolute values or sized fitting responsive in the surrounding container.
The player will always use the best fitting ad video stream for the corresponding size.




The player instantiates and starts playing as soon as there is an ad available and the player is scrolled into the visible area of the page. If the user scrolls the player out of the visible area, the player pauses the video or animates to an alway on top position.

If the ad is visible more then 2 seconds a corresponding tracking event is generated. This enables a cost per viewable impression pricing model. For more information please have a look at the dvglossary.

Optionally, a close button could be displayed to the user. The close button will appear 2 secs after the ad has started to allow viewability tracking.

Please scroll your window.

Player stopps

Player stays visible


The audio of the ad is for mobile devices always muted to allow autostart of the ads on modern iOs an Android devices. Also for desktop player the audio could be muted. In this case the audio is switched on as soon as the mouse is hovered over the video.

Optionally, a volume button could be displayed to the user to toggle the audio.

Please hover your mouse.

Audio On

Audio on hover